Seven Solutions Pty Ltd is a sister company to Reliability Extranet Pty Ltd. The company was created to provide implementation services to the global market.

Peter Horsburgh (aka ‘Seven’) provides consultancy services to government and industrial sector organisations.

Services focus on two main areas:

  • Evaluation and review of reliability and maintenance improvement services, programs and projects to identify effectiveness, as well as impact and areas of improvement. Peter has experience working in a broad range of industries including: transportation, petrochemical, utilities, mining, and manufacturing. He has access to many corporate software tools such as SAP, Ellipse, Maximo, and Power BI. He is familiar with emerging technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and predictive analytics.
  • Working with clients in an industrial environment to diagnose issues with plant, people, or processes, to find solutions and implement changes. These issues are often complex, affecting multiple parts of the organisation and involving diverse stakeholders. Your organisation may need a new approach, strategy, or framework to guide a specific area of reliability, or the development of a comprehensive issues paper, or the undertaking of a scoping study to inform of future directions. In this capacity he has worked on complex issues in many industrial organisations. He has designed and implemented reliability improvement processes and projects, such as loss elimination, root cause analysis, predictive maintenance, predictive analytics, and availability simulation.

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Clients often find themselves faced with many frustrations while working with a consultant:

  • Consultants often don’t give enough clear information about needs and scope, thus the project fails to deliver on the client’s needs.
  • Consultants would attempt to make a problem fit a “standard procedure” rather than create a method that accounts for a client’s unique needs.
  • Their reports are mere summaries containing no new or relevant information, nor any useful recommendations for the client to employ when moving forward.

To address these issues:

  • Peter will ensure he understands the brief in as much detail as possible by spending ample time with you from the start. This is the best way to prepare a proposal and quote tailored to your needs. Knowing the nature of the issue, the priority problems of the client, the potential sensitivities, the people involved, and the desired output is crucial.
  • Peter will keep an open mind and always adapt his core skill set to any scenario.
  • In the analysis phase Peter applies flexible and critical thinking to identify more than just the key issues. He performs in-depth root cause analysis, justifies his diagnosis and recommendation with data, and encourages your entire team to become a part of the solution.

For projects requiring additional skills he cannot offer, he has a small network of specialists he can collaborate with when needed.


Peter, also known by his nickname “Seven”, is an industrial reliability expert, speaker, and author. Through his previous roles and his consulting work over the past 15 years, Seven has developed a deep understanding of the industrial reliability operating environment, business systems and processes, the people, passion and politics of the sector.

Following an extensive career in Private and Government owned enterprises in, utilities, mining consulting and manufacturing in New South Wales and Queensland Australia. Seven has successfully transitioned to solo consultant in 2018. Seven has experience at many levels, from supervising and managing work through to Corporate presentations.

Seven is passionate about organisations delivering plant reliability so that they can be sustainable in the long term. They need to get the most out of their physical assets costing them the least when they have finished with them. Key to this outcome is the Reliability Engineer. Seven’s goal is to “Empower Reliability Engineers with the right knowledge, tools and data, so they are enabled, equipped and justified”. He understands the challenges and complexities, and thrives in environments where critical thinking and insightful communication is needed.

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5 habits bookPeter has published a book titled ‘5 Habits of an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer’ and is available now.

You can purchase a hard or e-book. more details can be found on the 5 Habits page.