“My goal is to empower Reliability Engineers with the right knowledge, tools, and data, so they are enabled, equipped and justified.”

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Peter Horsburgh
Industrial Reliability Expert

Peter is an Engineer, manager, and leader with a passion for machine reliability. He has been an engineer for over 20 years working with plant in the mining, smelting, and power generation industries. He is a speaker, author, and founder of Reliabilityextranet.com – an online platform that provides knowledge, tools, and data to Industrial Reliability Engineers.

Presentation Topics

Peter is available to comment on Reliability Engineering, as well as topics related to Maintenance and Asset Management.

In addition to the topics below, he also has a key note presentation entitled: The 5 Habits of an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer.

Planning and Scheduling – The source for reliability.

Root Cause Analysis – How to combine loss elimination and RCA effectively.

Maintenance Strategy Implementation – How to hack strategy development to track performance.

Emergence of IoT and Predictive Analytics – How new technologies such as IoT and predictive analytics fit with traditional predictive techniques.

5 habits book

If you are interested in combining my book, ‘5 Habits of an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer’, with your conference, please inform me of what you need and I will offer you discounts for bulk orders.

Many thanks, Peter Horsburgh.

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  • “Five Habits provides very practical, easy-to-read, hands-on, experience-based guidance for all reliability engineers.”

Ron Moore, Managing Partner of The RM Group, Inc.

  • “Peter is a high energy speaker delivering interesting easy to follow content. He delivers his material with strong structure, with clarity and with a level of enthusiasm that people find very engaging.”

Peter Todd, Reliability Engineer.

  • “Best session of the conference for me.  Down to earth, applicable information covered in an energetic manner.”

2018 International Maintenance Conference attendee.

  • “Nice advanced look at the future”

RAP Talk attendee.

  • “Engaging and practical.”

The Maintenance Managers Toolbox Keynote presentation attendee.

Want to discuss a potential speaking engagement for your organisation? Contact me here.