Free support tools and information released for the 5 Habits.

Inside my book, ‘5 Habits of an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer’, you will find “” links and QR codes within it (see the image). These link to various Reliability Extranet web pages, including the free tools that have been developed to support the book.

You will find in the book a Self-Assessment, PowerPoint Template, and articles on RCA and Fault Coding.

When the Self-Assessment is completed it gives you a ranking on how you are implementing each of the 5 Habits. To find the tool most helpful, I suggest you read the book, assess yourself, make some changes, and re-assess to see the improvements.

These are free and can be accessed by scanning the codes or clicking on the links in the Kindle version of the book. Have a try, scan the QR code in the attached image, and watch it take you to Reliability Extranet!

Please enjoy and if you have any suggestions for improvements to the supporting materials and tools, please let me know.