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About Peter

A passionate engineer focused on helping Reliability Engineers get the most from their plant, processes, and people. He is the author of the ‘5 Habits of an Extraordinary Reliability Engineer’, and also runs a blog on Reliability Extranet and LinkedIn.

One on One Coaching

2 hours over 2 sessions – $499 (AUD inc taxes)

Who is this coaching session ideal for?

Reliability Engineers, Superintendents, and Managers who want to:

  • Increase uptime, production, and/or OEE
  • Decrease lifecycle costs
  • Reduce frustration

What can you cover in 2 hours?

  • Get answers to your most pressing Reliability questions
  • Ask Peter what he would do if he worked for/with you
  • Focus in on how to Master the 5 Habits – Identify, Understand, Question, Decide and Implement
  • Discover methods of implementing and engaging your people on various Reliability tools such as CMMS Setup, Planning and Scheduling, Condition Monitoring, RCA, RCM, and more
  • Potentially benefit from a Reliability process review
  • Action the ideas Peter has shared at conferences

What can you expect?

  • Tested reliability ideas that can help you achieve the results you need
  • Ideas to save thousands (maybe millions) of dollars on lifecycle costs
  • A renewed outlook in approaching reliability in your organisation

How does it work?

The coaching happens over mobile phone, Skype, or Zoom – whatever works best for you. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to take action. The sessions will be recorded and the file will be sent to you within 24-hours.

The Coaching works in two stages:

First – You ask a question or explain the problem to Peter (30 minutes)

Peter takes some time and formulates the answer or solution (2 Days maximum)

Second – Peter responds and explains the answer or walks you through the solution (90 minutes)

What if you think it was a waste of time?
Peter will give you a full refund (with full embarrassment).


Coaching sessions can be booked via our online booking system and nominally occur at 2pm, Sydney Time. Other times can be arranged with Peter directly once booked. Response session date and time will be confirmed by Peter at the end of the question session.

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