The 5 Habits and International Literacy Day

To help with International Literacy Day on the 8th of September, and to celebrate our cover article in Uptime Magazine, the ‘5 Habits’ will be available for AUD$1.99 on the Amazon Kindle store that day.

For each copy sold Reliability Extranet will provide 1 day worth of school maintenance for children in Kenya. Schools are a key ingredient to solve the Literacy problem.

Lets see if we can provide 5 years of maintenance for schools (1825 days)! Please share with your network to see the impact we can make.

Here is a direct link to the Amazon Store to get your kindle copy of the 5 Habits,

Here is a link to the Uptime article,

To find out more about International Literacy day, navigate to here

The ‘5 Habits page’ has a widget to track the days of maintenance to schools. You can find it here.

Again, please share with your networks, its one small thing that I can do as an Author to help our global community.

Many thanks, 7.


PS> While you are there connect with me to get the latest updates!

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