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To help you with your implementation of Reliability Engineering in your organisation Reliability Extranet has a number of implementation options to choose from to meet your needs.

Gilbert has a question

The first is coaching, designed to get your questions answered quick and fast. If you have a single problem and limited time, a coaching session with Peter may be in order. To find out more about coaching or to book your session, check out our coaching page here.


A Confident Gilbert 

The second is our Extraordinary Reliability Engineers Program. A 12 week guided program delivered on-line by Peter to guide you through the implementation of the 5 Habits. If you don’t know where to start, look here. A limited number of programs are available through the year and the first session is free! To enrol on the next course, or for more information on the program, check out the ERE Program here.


If you need Peter help at your work place he is available for consulting with Seven Solutions. Seven Solutions is a sister company to Reliability Extranet. Peter has a limited availability to consult and to find out more of what he is able to help with please navigate to our consulting page to download a capability statement and make contact with him.