One on One coaching sessions – now available

Having been a Reliability Engineer myself, I know that when I wanted a specific question answered finding someone that could help was a hard thing to do. When getting a consultant in for one question can be a little hard to justify. Rather than tolling through the internet for the answer and wasting a whole heap of time, now you can just ask me!

The coaching session is designed to get answers to your questions fast. They are delivered online, so no travel is required. You can share your screen and explain the question or problem. Included is a recording of the session so you can refer to it again and again.

The Coaching works in two stages. First, you ask a question or explain the problem. I will take some time and formulate an answer or solution. If I can answer it there and then, I will. I explain the answer in a second session over a maximum of 90 minutes.

Coaching slots are available now, you can find out more information on Reliability Extranet here.

Peter Available for Speaking

Need a speaker for your next event? Book me!

My goal is to empower Reliability Engineers with the right knowledge, tools and data, so they are enabled, equipped, and justified.

Speaking is one way that I can do this!

I have a keynote presentation “The 5 Habits of Extraordinary Reliability Engineers” as well as I can talk about Reliability Engineering, Maintenance and Asset management.

We offer discounts on the 5 Habits for bulk orders so let me know what you need!

Here is the link to my Speaker’s Page for more information and a speaker’s kit download.

Look forward to helping you,

Peter Horsburgh.